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RustiesGranny Pet Beds


Sells fabulous handmade pet beds.

PetPeeps Web Cams


Webcams for pets.

Tigerpixie Fantasy Cat Art


Fabulous Fantasy Cat Art

Liquid-Vet Cool Pet Holistics

Dog joint supplements

Splash Pet Shampoo

Splash Pet Clear Skin Shampoo

Woodrow Wear

Woodrow Wear was founded to share a traction solution invented for Woodrow (a 15 year old Rottweiler with hip dysplasia and arthritis). The product is called Power Paws because indoors, they give dogs "The power to stand. The power to stop. And the Power to GO!" Outdoors, Power Paws are a year ‘round solution for allergens, extreme heat, and salt, ice, and snow. More than 110,000 dogs in 53 countries are wearing Power Paws. They are made of cotton and elastic for comfort, fit, and adaptability – and dogs love them! The socks are available in 13 sizes, two foot shapes, and three durability levels to assure the right solution for all dogs. Find out more at