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Please Help The Ely, Nevada Zoo

Here is a article taken from the Ely Newspaper.

The Zoo to build facility for animals

Many people have been wondering just exactly what The Zoo is. We started out as a group of volunteers that were approached by our animal control officer to help with the poor conditions of the Ely City Pound. We were very happy to take on this challenge. We raised money to help with repairs at the pound and purchased a corral to house domestic farm animals that needed homes.

Over time we realized that we needed to have our own facility to house the animals that overpopulated the City Pound and our community. We have taken the proper steps to make sure that when our facility is up and running that it will be a long term success.

The first step was establishing our non-profit status, which we now have. Next we secured a generous donation from Norm Goeringer. Then we looked for land in an area where no one would be negatively affected, but the animals will be safe and secure. We have accomplished this with great thanks to the City of Ely and Bob Hayward. We will be the first animal sanctuary in Ely that will house unwanted animals such as dogs, cats, horses, and small farm animals. In the future we will provide an animal cemetery, crematorium, and a memorial park where the people can buy a tree to plant in memory of a loved one or loved pet.

Our facility will have an education center where the public can be educated on the spaying and neutering of animals, the proper care of animals, dog training, and general animal knowledge. We will have a fostering and adoption program where people can come and spend time with the animals to make sure that they choose the proper animal for their situation.

Our main goal is to help with the overpopulation, repeat breeding, and animal abuse in our community. We don't believe in managing our pet population through euthanasia.

We have come a long way, however we still have much to accomplish. We can do it with your help.

You can help with donations, volunteering, and support the many fundraisers we have throughout the year. The neglect, abuse, and lack of concern for the animals in this area have gone on too long. This project must be a community effort, and with your help we can accomplish our goals.

Tax deductible donations can be mailed to: The Zoo, Inc., PMB 68, 705 Aultman St., Ste. 2, Ely, NV 89301. Or call 775-289-6117, 775-289-3252.


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