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Make a Twirling Fish.

paper fish

Materials needed: paper, scissors, thin string, and colored crayons, pencils, or markers.

Directions: Cut a strip of paper about 1 1/2 inches wide and about 8 inches long. Fold it lengthwise.

Near the open end, cut a big "V" for the tail, through both thicknesses, as you can see in the photo.

About an inch in front of the tail, cut notches in the top and bottom for the base of the tail. Don't make this part too thin or it could tear off--especially if you're using flimsy paper.

Separate the 2 sides and snip down halfway from the top of one side at the base of the notch you just cut. Then snip up halfway from the same spot on the other side. This is the key to the whole thing. Later, when you fit the top slit into the bottom slit, it holds the two sides of the fish apart and allows the air circulation necessary to make your fish "swim."

Optional: Fold the fish flat again and snip down from the top and up from the bottom just a little at the front to give the head a little shape.

Decorate: Draw eyes, mouth, and fins on one side. The only tricky part of this craft is getting the other side to match. If your paper is thin enough to see through, you can just trace from one side to the other.

When you have your outlines, color your fish any way you like, again being careful to make both sides match.

Make a tiny hole in the front center of the fish's snout and pull one end of the string through. Tie a knot on the inside so the string won't pull out.

Fit the 2 tail pieces together where you snipped the notches and you're finished. When you pull the string through the air, your fish will wiggle just like a fish in water.