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Hand Knit Dog Tote

Rescue kittens on a crochet cat bed from Country Naturals.Knitting (& crochet) and critters just naturally go together. Suz has a houseful of knit and crochet dog and cat beds that her rescue animals use all the time. Last year, she donated a large dog blanket to the charity auction, from Country Naturals.

If any of you would like to knit cat toys or cat/dog blankets to donate to the expo (to give away with adoptions) or for the store, auction, door prizes, etc., please send me an email.

If you'd like to participate, but you aren't in our area, please check out the Snuggles Project. They have worldwide opportunities for critter knitters.

If you'd like to grab your needles and some of your stash and start knitting right now, you could make some 11x15 pads for small cat carriers. HINT: seed stitch works better than garter stitch--it doesn't snag as easily. Also, cotton yarn is better than acrylic, but acrylic is okay, too.

YellowdogYellowdog.se has launched a great new idea for adding yellow tie-ons to the leashes of special needs dogs. Please read their page and help us spread the word.



Here are the instructions for a hand-knit catnip mouse.

If you'd like to meet other charity animal knitters, please visit KnittingHelp.com. (This thread is 120 pages long and growing.)

Here is a whole page of free animal knitting patterns from Knitting Pattern Central.

If you represent a rescue organization and need handmade donations, please send me an email. We'd be happy to post your request, here.

If you'd like to knit one, youself, here are the instructions.


Here is a list of others who knit for the critters:

Marilyn's Creations
Free patterns for knitting dog sweaters


VIP Fibers
Specializing in Mail Order Custom Handspun Yarn from Your Very Important Pets!
Note from LYPE Staff: We've seen samples of their yarn. Absolutely gorgeous!