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Dog Ice Treat

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Dog Ice Treat

Things you need:

Plastic container
Green beans (or other healthy, freezable treat that your dog likes)
Dog cookies
Small toy
Ice cubes

First you need a plastic container that can handle the stress of repeated freezings. The size will depend on the size of the dog (tiny breed might only need a 1 cup size) I use a long skinny one for my foster puppies so they can share.

Next you will put a skimpy layer of goodies (this can vary from cookies to green beans and carrots) I only use a handful of treats. No more treats than a bone-ball would hold.

Third you will cover the goodies with ice cubes to keep the next layer from falling to the bottom.

Next step is adding more goodies and a toy of some sort that can be dug out and played with. Careful for stuffed toys, they can be torn when half is still in the frozen block and cannot be removed. I don’t always add toys.

Fourth step is adding ice, then another layer of goodies.

The final step is adding water to cover the ice and goodie layers. This will freeze quickly because of the ice.

When you are ready to give the ice treat to your dog, turn it over and run cool water on the bottom so it will fall out of the plastic container.

If you have several dogs and freezer space is limited you can stack these with plastic plates in-between them.

If you are going on vacation and your dog has to stay outside in hot weather you might want your dog’s caretaker to give your dog one each day you are gone. It keeps him cool and busy.