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Make a Tug Toy.

braided doggy tug-toy

Materials needed: cotton cloth, scissors.

Directions: Cut 6 strips of cloth about 1 inch wide and about 40 inches long. Hint: some fabric will tear straight across if you snip the edge to get it started.

Starting about 1/3 of the way in, braid about a third of the length, using 2 strips of cloth for each part of the braid. This will form the handle of the toy.

Get someone to hold this middle part or wrap it around a door knob, so you can pull it tight. Bring the two ends together and finish braiding the "tails" into one piece. Each part of the braid will now have 4 strands and the braiding will be continuous (see photo). This forms the fat part that your dog will tug on.

When you reach the end, either tie a knot in your work, if it's long enough, or cut another strip of cloth to tie securely around the end of the toy and you're finished.

this makes a small tug toy, suitable for small to medium size dogs. If you have a big dog, cut 9 strips of fabric about 55-60 inches long to make a larger toy.