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Watch Dolphins Blowing Bubbles

Give Your Dog A Nice Cool Treat On A Hot Summer Day!


Here is a link to a fun free kibble trivia game. You can play every day, and when you do, they'll donate free kibble to shelter dogs and cats.

Our first game is Concentration. This is a memory game, where you turn over two tiles and try to remember where the images are located, so you can match them up and win the game. It changes every time, so you can play it over and over.

Xmas Hat is a transparent GIF file. You can download the hat, resize and rotate it to put on your online critter photos.

If you're feeling creative, why not try some of our Critter Crafts? They're all quick, easy, and fun.

How about some warm & fuzzy animated critters to download and use on forums and email? We'll be adding more to these as we find them.


Use your mouse to pet the kitty.

Here is an interesting comparison between the way dogs are portrayed on TV and in the movies, and the truth about the various breeds. Bad To The Bone or Misunderstood!

Pet TV Shows a Favorite for Every Family

Pets often attract attention, both in real life and on television. People simply enjoy interacting with and watching animals in a variety of situations. This has made many television shows popular among families, especially those who are familiar with life with pets. Some of the most popular television shows of today and the past have featured animals in some capacity.  Make sure to program your DVR to catch these shows.  If you don’t have a DVR yet check out DirecTV’s Genie which is one of the most sophisticated on the market.  Sign up for DirecTV using http://saveontvdirect.com and you can get special pricing on first time offers and pick up Starz and Cinemax free for three months.

Mister Ed

Mister Ed is well-known for the talking horse that was featured in this television show from the 1960s. The show stars the talking Mister Ed and his owner, following the humorous antics of the horse. The owner is the only person who can hear the horse talk, making for entertaining situations throughout the entire series.


In the 1950s when television was still fairly new, Lassie was one of the hit TV shows that drew both adults and children. Through its 11 season run, the show followed the adventures of Lassie as she worked hard to help her human owners. While she belonged to the Miller family in the first three seasons, Timmy Martin and his adoptive parents are the most recognized by TV viewers. This show made a comeback in the late 1980s.

Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures

Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures ran from 1993 through 2008. This educational animal television show was hosted by animal expert Jack Hanna. The episodes featured Hanna teaching young people all about various animals in the wild and captivity to build understanding and knowledge about the animals. In some areas, the show ran five days a week because it was dubbed as a quality educational tool.


Even young children can learn all about animals by watching the Disney cartoon, Stanley. This show features a young boy named Stanley and his friends who are obsessed with learning about animals. Using his Great Big Book of Everything, he and his friends travel into each animal's natural habitat and learn interesting facts about the animals in a child-friendly manner. This show is a great introduction to animals for young children.

Wild America

Wild animals easily draw attention because they are mysterious and often unapproachable by humans. Wild America ran from 1982 to 1994 and launched 120 episodes that covered many of the wild animals that make North America their home. This show offered a look at wild life that was unrivaled by any other television show before it. With the use of specialized filming techniques and a cutthroat approach to wild animals, Americans gained new knowledge of these impressive creatures.

Watching television can be an educational experience, especially when those shows include pets and other animals. Ever since television became popular, there have been shows that featured animals in both entertaining and educational manners. Whether you go back to the old black and white shows of the 1950s and 1960s or you prefer today's shows, you will find all the information you want to know about animals. Even fictional shows have crossed the line into educational by offering facts and other information about animals for individuals of all ages. You can even find shows geared for young children that can help them gain a better understanding of the animals with which they share the world.

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