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Pet Care

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Pet care responsibilities range from medical care and pet health to exercise, play and bonding time. Proper care can lengthen your pet’s life and ensure they live many healthy, happy years.

Dog Bone

When first bringing home a puppy, kitten, dog, cat or other pet it is important to be prepared with proper information and necessities for care. Have bowls for food and water, appropriate pet food, a safe place for them to sleep, a safe toy to play with and a collar with identification tags attached.

Luke Home from the Vet

It is important to keep the health and safety of your new pet in mind at all times, but especially in the first days you bring them into your home. As soon as you bring your new pet home, schedule a check-up with a veterinarian for a thorough health exam and consider enrolling your pet in a wellness program for ongoing vaccinations and disease prevention.

Peace of mind for pet care throughout your new family member’s life can result from choosing the right veterinarian. Before you bring your new pet home, or soon after he or she arrives, ask friends and family members with pets for recommendations of well trained, compassionate veterinarians in your area. Visit veterinary clinics and meet with different doctors to find the office and practitioner you and your pet will enjoy most. When your pet is sick, injured or needs a routine examination visiting an office you both feel comfortable with will be a great asset.


Proper nutrition is a very important aspect of your new pet’s health and well-being. It is important to choose a nutritious, well-balanced and appropriate pet food and learn when and how much to feed. Proper diet and nutrition can affect the overall quality of your pet’s life in many ways. Feeding our pets the right food, in the proper amounts at the correct times is one of the most important and essential things we can do as a pet caregiver. When you are looking for the best food option for your pet, consider your pet’s breed, age, weight, exercise level and nutritional needs. There are a variety of options for pet food – from wet and dry foods to organic and raw pet food diets. Generally speaking, pets should have diets high in proteins, vitamins and nutrients and low in preservatives or any sort of filler ingredients.

Nate & Shanti

Adequate exercise goes hand-in-hand with proper diet and nutrition. To keep our pets healthy and happy and provide optimal care we should ensure they are receiving the amount of exercise they need (and want) each day. Exercise levels depend on species and breed – Labrador Retrievers, Australian Shepherds and Border Collies need large amounts of exercise each day while Pugs, Basset Hounds and feline breeds require minimal exercise. Daily exercise such as walking, running, trips to the park or playing fetch will keep pets fit and healthy.

Pet Grooming Basket

Grooming and hygiene are also important factors in your pet care routine. Brushing pets on a regular basis can help keep their coats healthy and shiny while also preventing unwanted fleas, ticks or other nuisances. Brushing can also help decrease shedding and excess fur in long-haired dog and cat breeds. Keeping nails trimmed, ears and eyes cleaned and coat washed will also help maintain the health and wellbeing of your pet. It is also important to brush pet’s teeth on a regular basis to prevent oral diseases and unwanted tooth loss.

Dog & Friend

Pet care should also consist of bonding and play time with you. As a member of your family, pets will thrive on time spent interacting and learning from you. Playtime can include teaching your pet tricks, playing ball in the backyard, cuddling on the couch or taking a walk together. Positive attention and love will show your pet how much you care and strengthen the bond you have.

Pet care, from doctors visits to playing fetch, will improve and extend the health of your pet. With proper pet care we can enjoy companionship for many healthy and happy years.